Our blue label to provide intense and lingering sweetness. Concentrates or standard, provide the sweetening point desired for increase consumption. When combined with our aromas, reinforce each other in a synergistic effect highly recommended.

Observe the numeral to know the equivalence to kilograms of sugar of each 1,000 g of EdulcIngesta.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with EU legislation, Regulation 1831/2003.

Soon new formulations

Sweeteners based in saccharin and neohesperidin

The sweeteners are considered a group of palatable agents in its own right because the sweet taste perception is not necessarily linked to the smell of the product.

The perception of a sweet taste induces weanlings and young animals to greater consumption of feed and water, which in turn leads to increase the feed intake, setting a closed loop that increases weight gain.

Optimize intake

Several investigations (Pekas et al., 1985) have allowed to fill piglets stomachs up to 130% for the voluntary intake, which means a growth up to 40%.

The piglet, between production species, is the animal that has a faster growth during the first 6 weeks of life, being able to increase its weight by up to 900% of their weight at birth.