Aromas and flavours

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Following our references you will have a very clear idea of the type of product offered.

All our flavours can be combined with our sweeteners EdulcIngesta when the species of destination and corresponding legislation permits to do so. The established synergy helps to improve the performance of the aroma.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with EU legislation, Regulation 1831/2003.

Why are flavours added to feed?

A flavour is a preparation that contains different substances, in a concentrated form, whose active objective is to provide odour and, sometimes, taste to the feed. The addition of these compounds to feed animal production is essential for several reasons:

Ensure intake of adequate amounts of feed, which is essential for an efficient animal production.

Provide aroma and flavor to unpleasant feed -for example including medication- to make it more palatable. Allow changes in feed formulation avoiding rejection from the animals.


A good flavour must attract animals to the feed. In this regard, it should be noted that only volatiles are captured and processed by the nasal receptors leading to the olfactory sense. Therefore, the "volatility" is a property that determines decisively, the aromatic characteristics of any product, such as persistence and the degree of resistance to thermal processes in manufacturing...

The aromatic fraction can be divided into three sub-fractions, also called "notes."

The range of aromas offered by INGESTA includes the best aromatic notes for each kind of production.


Different animal species have preferences for certain aromas and flavours, which is essential when it comes to designing a flavour.

In addition to these basic tastes there are other factors that can modulate these feelings: hot, cold, metallic...

Taste preferences by species

cinnamon, vanilla, toasty notes, berries

orange, coconut, herbal, vanilla

Sucking animals:
dairy, lacto fruit, fruit

herbal, anise, thyme

Number of taste buds