What is Hidragel?

A new product concept, designed in the form of gel, to contribute to apport to newly weaned piglets hydration and essential nutrients, necessary for optimal fast transition from milk to solid food.

Due to its high water content, keeps the piglet hydrated, helping to avoid the inconvenience of a long period without water intake.

Water consumption

Water consumption is very important because it is closely related to the consumption of dry feed, which it has a determining influence in gut health. Hydra gel provides hydration and adequate nutrition to contribute to good intestinal health.

Maintain hydration

Hydra gel, due to its high palatability, keeps piglets hydrated and gives the necessary nutrients for a rapid transition to dry feed to avoid typical problems of the post-weaning period.

Guarantees and Quality

Hydra Gel is a product developed and patented by Land O Lakes Purina Feed, the largest feed producer in the U.S., now manufactured in Europe.

Ingesta has marketing rights for Spain, Italy, the UK, France and Germany.


Hidra gel is indicated for the piglets and encourage them to consume the starter feed. It is also indicated to reduce the stress of weaning and vaccination periods, and transport or for sick pigs and less weight animals.

Two ways of use:

Before weaning: Hydra-gel administered twice daily for two days before weaning at 50 to 150 grams per animal per day.

After weaning: provide Hydra-gel three to four days (twice a day) on the floor, feeder or additional feeder,  near or opposite of the dry feed area, at a rate of 50 g per piglet on day 1 and 100 g per animal per day the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. If necessary, provide 300 grams per animal per day.


Hydra Gel is available in 20 kg drums on pallets of 720 kg.
It includes a handy dispenser